QSL-Manager EA7JX


  • Please use the OQRS on Club Log for 7U1X for direct and bureau requests,

The other ways are:

  • Bureau: via EA7JX
  • LoTW: will be activated 1 year after DXpedition
  • Direct: via EA7JX SAE and postage return
    cash only – USD or EUR .  We do NOT accept IRC coupons
  • No eQSL


Manager info:

Rodrigo Herrera
CL Francia, 11

41310 – Brenes – Sevilla

QSL policy

QSL cards will be printed within 6 weeks after end of the DXpedition.

All direct OQRS requests will be answered then. They will get a fast LoTW does.

A fast LoTW only request is possible for 1 USD/EUR too.

If you aren’t sure if you call is correct in the log,  send me an mail through Contact, always after end the Trip.